Universal College of Reflexology

To Every Reflexologist:

You Have Your Reflexology Certificate.
Now What?

Who Else Wants to Make More Money
while Helping Others?

Do you want to:

  • Fill in the gaps that the basic training did not cover?
  • Learn advanced techniques and techniques for specific health conditions?
  • Belong to a community of like minded people, to share the ups and downs of working for yourself as a solo-preneur?
  • Build a wider skill set of tools to cover all health issues that your clients present with?
  •   And increase the income from your practice?!?

Whether you are a Reflexologist or a massage therapist who uses Reflexology in your practice, continuing education is vital.

As you read this page, you will see how simple and affordable it can be to learn the advanced techniques that will increase your practice in untold ways while belonging to a powerful community.

Lauren Slade
From:  Lauren Slade
           Parksville, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
Re:      Increase Your Income while You Continue
           Your Education

Dear Fellow Reflexologist,

My name is Lauren Slade and I want to share with you my journey as a Reflexologist for the past 30 plus years.

I studied Reflexology for 2 years before becoming a Practitioner – that's how long it took back in the early 1980's! Nowadays it is possible to learn Reflexology in a shorter amount of time, but the pressure is still there.

I remember, sitting staring at my certificate that I had proudly hung on the wall, feeling very nervous about the next step of actually starting my business. It took me several weeks before I had plucked up enough courage to work with my very first paying customer.

Of course I had worked with very many people during my practical Reflexology training – but they did not pay me. I had the comfort zone of being a "student" and was therefore not expected to "know it all"!

But now I was going to ask for money! I had a million questions racing around my head ...

  • What if my client asks me a question and I don't know the answer?
  • What should I do if I my mind goes blank during a session, and I forget the session sequence or reflex areas?
  • What happens if I "hurt" my client?
  • What should I do/say if my client asks me to tell her what is wrong with her? Isn't that illegal and called diagnosing? How do I answer without looking stupid as if "I don't know" the answer?
  • What happens if my thumb gets too sore to continue working during a session?
  • What should I do if my client has plantar warts? They are contagious! Should I carry on with the session?
  • What do I do if my client refuses to fill in the health record form, because the information is “private” but still wants Reflexology?
  • What will I say if they ask how many sessions it will take to deal with their problem? Is there a way to know at the first session how many times a client should return for a Reflexology treatment? (Sneak preview – the answer is YES)
  • Should I mention the “possible reactions to reflexology” to my client? Or will it put them off coming back?
  • How do I ask for payment? I feel embarrassed asking for money.

Do You Have Any Of These Concerns
About Your Practice?

The day finally arrived when I opened my doors for business – hung out my brass plaque on the door and my first client arrived.

I will never forget the sheer terror of waiting to hear what the client's health concerns were, and whether I would recall my training and be able to complete a Professional Reflexology session. The actual session was a blur, but it couldn't have been that bad, because the client made an appointment for the same time the following week.

The following week arrived, and the client turned up, telling me how much better she felt. She still had her "issue" but had been able to deal with it much better, and she felt sure the Reflexology had helped.

I was so relieved. I struggled to keep my face expressionless but inside my heart was beating so fast I thought she must hear it. I calmly sat her down in the chair and asked her to tell me more. And so the second professional Reflexology session of my career began.

Over the years I have added to my skills, and I can tell you from hard earned experience that the very best way to learn is to start small and work your way up.

When I started, I charged a small amount of money as I felt my experience was small. As my experience and knowledge has grown so has my confidence and the amount of money that I felt was a fair exchange for my services.

You Can Earn While You Learn

Instinctively I created what I now call my "Earn & Learn" process. From the very beginning, I always divided my Reflexology session proceeds up into two parts. Every right foot I worked was money for my continuing education.

Every left foot I worked went into the business to pay for everyday expenses, telephone, rent, equipment etc., and of course wages for myself. I continued this process for over 25 years!

With that "right foot" money, I have studied post graduate Hand, Ear and Foot Reflexology as well as Facial Reflexology, Scalp Reflexology, Nose Reflexology, Body Reflexology, Nail Reflexology and Tibetan Reflexology from a wide variety of highly respected teachers around the world.

In addition to Reflexology, over time I have accumulated a large amount of general and specific education in the healing arts. I am a Master Herbalist, Aromatherapist, Iridologist, Massage Therapist, Homeopath, BioFeedBack Specialist, Reiki Master-Teacher and certified Paranormal Investigator. I have extensively studied Ortho-Bionomy, Applied Kinesiology, Remote Viewing, Quantum Science, Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Touch for Health, Bach Flowers, Energy Healing, Colour Therapy, Radiesthesia, Acupressure, Auricular Therapy, Counseling, Dowsing, Crystal Therapy, Ear Candling and Feng Shui.

Each time I started learning a new skill, I would share my new found information with my clients as my studies progressed, and ask their permission to work with them with my new knowledge. Every client I asked, always said yes!

The More You Know, The Happier Your Clients Will Be.
The Happier They Are, The More You Will Earn!

When I became certified and qualified in a new therapy, I would add that to my menu of services, and always gave myself the option of increasing my price. I always valued my "regulars" and as my way of saying thank-you to them, always kept them at the price they paid for their first session. Their word of mouth referrals were priceless.

I estimate that from one client, who was in the Real Estate business I had over 400 referral clients – he was a client of mine for over 7 years till he moved away from the area.

Do I use all of the information that I have learned over the years on a constant basis? Absolutely not!

I probably use an active 10 – 15% of the knowledge on a regular basis. However the understanding that I have received from the other 85% is what allows me to package the information together in a workable and user friendly format.

Knowledge is Power

You have most likely heard the saying that "knowledge is power" - well my driving force is to empower all my students with knowledge that will help them to achieve the goals they have set for themselves and their clients.

In 1991 I decided to share my body of knowledge with more people and I founded the Universal College of Reflexology. Over the past 20 years I have created over 2,500 hours of college course programming.

From these 2,500 hours of programming I have distilled 12 courses, which will change the way you practice Reflexology forever. Your effective rate of helping clients will soar to heights you have only dreamed of.

You need to earn money quickly. You also need the high standards of professionalism. I have combined the two for you:

Introducing "The Reflexology Zone"

"The Reflexology Zone" is a Continuing Education program divided into 12 monthly courses.

Universal College of Reflexology, P00149, is approved as a Provider of continuing education by the American Reflexology Certification Board.

The Universal College of Reflexology is also an approved Continuing Education provider for the Reflexology Association of Canada.

Each of these monthly courses has been personally developed by me and offered dozens of times over a 20 year span, where I've honed and defined the techniques and information to offer you the most effective and simplest form of practical knowledge and healing available anywhere in the world.

Imagine getting the benefit of 20 years of learning and experience in just 12 months!

Increase Your Earning Potential

The average Reflexologist takes about 100 hours of training, and even those with more detailed courses still have under 200 hours of classroom learning.

When you join "The Reflexology Zone", each month you will get a new course that has previously been offered on campus with a price tag of anywhere from $295 to $495. You will get full training for each course, even more comprehensive than that taught in the classroom.

"I Can't Say Enough!"

This text will be replaced

Leigh Ann from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

The monthly courses include:

European Reflexology Techniques

Advanced techniques such as these have been taught and used in Europe for many years. Did you know that some European schools of Reflexology require up to 2,000 hours of study?

Some of what you'll learn in this monthly course:

  • What does that grainy/sandy sensation under the skin mean?
  • What is a Healing Crisis? Why do they occur? Discover how to predict when a healing crisis will result from your Reflexology Session.
  • Hering's Law of Cure discovered by Dr Constantine Hering MD (1800—1880) known as the "Father of American Homeopathy", and how it works! It is a very specific healing process that the body always follows.
  • Did you know there is an exact process of elimination of toxins from the body? Once you know this, you can tailor your Reflexology sessions to get the maximum healing in the shortest amount of time! Great for you, amazing for your clients.
  • Find out exactly what the various textures, sensations and land markings on the feet can tell you, and how you can turn that information into a dramatically more effective Reflexology Session.
  • Thumb & Finger walking are effective, but they have their limits! You will learn 10 more techniques for working the feet and how lubrication can save your aching thumbs, and maximize results.

Praise for European Reflexology Techniques

"Very thorough and I can hardly wait to put it to use."
Brenda Campbell, Calgary, AB

"An amazing, enlightening and healing experience, thank you."
Darlene Christensen, Camrose, AB

"My experience at UCR has changed my life forever. Thank you!"
Shelly Connick, Leduc, AB

"AMAZING!! Please, if you are a reflexologist
you MUST take this awesome course!"
Barb Bryson, Edmonton, AB

"Positively life changing, powerful beyond words."
Kim Elvidge, Edmonton, AB

"Wow! I am so looking forward to using these techniques in my practice. So much more effective than the basic relaxation techniques."
Deidra Helmig, Edmonton, AB

"Lauren is like a ray of light, she inspires me to be the best I can be."
C.M., Edmonton, AB

Digestion and Life

Elvis Presley died on his toilet "straining at the stool." Digestive conditions are almost at epidemic proportions. If these conditions can kill a superstar what can they do for the ordinary man and women in the street?

Almost without exception, all Reflexology clients have some sort of "condition" relating to their digestive system. Only when this situation was dealt with - can you deal with their other health issues. In this course, you will learn:

  • How to determine the acid / alkaline balance in the body, with a simple test can show what challenges the body is facing. Knowing this information will dramatically improve the effectiveness of your Reflexology work and practice.
  • A whole new understanding of the often repeated phrase "all disease starts in the Colon". Some conditions of the Digestive System that respond well to Reflexology range from constipation, diarrhea and colitis all the way to gallstones, ulcers and hemorrhoids.

In this course, you will also learn vital information on parasitic infections of the digestive system. Unless you understand and know the symptoms of such infections, you can create even more problems doing basic Reflexology.

All Reflexologists already know about the Foot & Hand Reflexology maps, some also know of Ear Reflexology, but do you know that there is also a Reflexology Map of the Colon or Large Intestine? It has a full set of organ reflex points reflected on this one part of the body.

Knowing how to "fine tune" your Reflexology session using this Colon Reflex Point Chart, will transform your results.

Praise for Digestion and Life

"I had absolutely no idea of the importance of the digestive system, or the symptoms related to it and how effective reflexology could be."

"I see so many clients with symptoms that relate to the digestive system. I can hardly wait to apply this knowledge."
Linda Osterhus

"I very much appreciate that these further training courses are available. This course was accurate, detailed and to the point.
Thank you."

"As always a pleasure to study with UCR, what a
wealth of information and knowledge."
Donna Lea

"Who knew you could tell so much about your body from examining your stools. Amazing how many symptoms present from a malfunctioning digestive system. UCR is the best place to learn Reflexology. Instructors are very, very, very knowledgeable."

Allergy Relief

Allergy is the 5th leading chronic disease in the U.S. among all ages, and the 3rd most common chronic disease among children under 18 years old!

An estimated 50 million Americans suffer from all types of allergies (that’s 1 in 5 Americans!) including indoor/outdoor, food & drug, latex, insect, skin and eye allergies. Allergy prevalence overall has been increasing since the early 1980s across all age, sex and racial groups.

Did you know that allergy symptoms can be alleviated by learning simple reflexology protocols? Allergies are acute immune system responses to a particular antigen, or foreign agent. In this course, you will learn the four different types of antigens.

You will also get a full and complete understanding of what an allergy is and how and why it strikes certain people, this is key to being an effective Reflexologist.

Come and learn the many hidden, yet powerful advanced reflexology points for allergy symptom relief. Discovering where they are and how to work them (thumb walking alone is not sufficient at this advanced level!) is vital to creating effective healing responses in the body.

Praise for Allergy Relief

"How to treat a specific illness with Reflexology and have
specific results. Great. Extremely interesting."

"Great extra tool to use with reflexology and in everyday life."
Julie Brown

"I learned so much – practical I can take from this and
incorporate into my massage sessions."
Tammy Hay

"A new dimension to Reflexology which I am
looking forward to practicing."
Linda Baron

"Always very informative and interesting to learn."
M. Bennett

Facial Reflexology

This month you will learn a modern adaptation of traditional Reflexology. The techniques used are a combination of zone therapy, oriental medicine and the stimulation of neurological points. Working manually on specific points and zones in the face produces a profound sense of relaxation.

Facial reflexology is a combination of techniques, working directly with the central nervous system and targeting specific points to regulate its complete function. By working precise points in the face the stimulation creates an impulse which is transmitted to the brain. Stimulation also encourages the release of serotonin, a chemical that helps maintain a feeling of contentment, and which controls sleep, calms anxiety, and relieves depression. Insufficient levels of serotonin are believed to be the cause of depression and can result in apathy, fear, feeling worthless, lethargy and fatigue. Therefore Face Reflexology achieves fast and effective results, as well as achieving a profound state of relaxation and well being.

Face Reflexology is a powerful treatment proven to be effective for numerous conditions whether they are acute, chronic or minor.

Praise for Facial Reflexology

"I am now able to offer a fast effective session working on the face that
works on all different levels."

"I feel empowered by my experience."

"Will be telling all my friends about this one!"
C. Boerdoef

"Absolutely fabulous, easy hands on – loved using a crystal to take the
reflexology session to a higher level."

Banishing Back Pain!

Eighty percent of Americans suffer from back pain at some point in their lives, and spend $50 billion each year on low back pain.

Back Pain is the most common cause of job-related disability and a leading contributor to missed work. Back pain is the second most common neurological ailment in the United States — only headaches are more common.

Since the 1980's, I have made observations through clinical experience that have shown clients respond to different forms of reflex stimulus, which can alleviate severe and disabling pain associated with low back pain.

In this course, I will share the new and surprising unknown reflex points that I have used to great effect over the years.

If you want a thriving and successful Reflexology practice you must learn these specific techniques and tips and hints from a Reflexology professional like me who has spent over 25 years honing my skills.

Why not become a Specialist in alleviating Back Pain – you will have a thriving practice built around specializing in taking care of back pain.

Praise for Banishing Back Pain

"The course was awesome. Very informative on spinal/nerve
connections relating to various health problems."
P.W., Grand Prairie, AB

"Very informative and practical. I can't wait to see how these techniques
help me and my clients."
Keri Tingstad

"Great to add another tool to the toolbox. Thank you."
Sharon Moser

"Wonderfully enlightening, I got more out of this
course than I thought possible."
K. Skaley

"This was super, terrific, gratifying and informative. Thank you."
Ardeth Thachuk

Dealing with Diabetes

The bad news … Every minute across the world, 6 people die of diabetes … either directly, or indirectly as the result of a complication. In total this disease is therefore the cause of almost 4 million deaths per year! Which is as many deaths as those caused by AIDS. These are the figures put forward by the World Health Organization and the International Diabetes Federation (the IDF). It’s a genuine massacre which shows no sign of stopping.

Quite the opposite in fact, as the prevalence of diabetes on a global scale is increasing at an alarming rate. In 2000, there were around 171 million diabetics. Today there are 246 million. And by 2025 this figure is expected to reach 380 million!

Currently 8.3% of the U.S. population, or 25.8 million Americans, are known to have diabetes mellitus; and another 7 million Americans have the disease but are unaware of it or will develop the disease during their lifetime. The number of people diagnosed with diabetes has risen from 1.5 million in 1958 to 18.8 million in 2010, an increase of epidemic proportions.

The good news is that studies and research in China have shown that Reflexology is an effective treatment for type II diabetes mellitus.

Separate research shows that comparing the control group with a group receiving Reflexology shows that the total effective rate in the treatment group versus the control group was 98% higher – truly remarkable results.

Praise for Dealing with Diabetes

"Loved the information on how reflexology can help with diabetes.
Will use this on my mom."
Esther Forest

"Just when you think you're there – there's more – Great!"
Terri Fisher

"Can't believe how useful all this information
will be for me and my clients."
D.E. McGonigal

"Lauren is great and very versatile in her teaching abilities."
J.V. Green

"Very good for practical use, abundance of knowledge."
J.V. Yap

"I am always amazed at how much I have
learned and how much info is passed on."
L. Worthing

Reading the Feet

Pedology or Foot Reading is the understanding of dis-ease by means of close observation of the feet. The ever-changing characteristics of feet provide valuable clues as to inner needs and reflect potential for personal development and ultimate fulfillment, not to mention a very clear and simple reflection of the physical health of your body.

Foot Reading is divided into two distinct areas:

Firstly, the foot gives a very detailed snapshot of a person's physical health. Understanding these messages allows for early detection of dis-ease, and gives the Reflexologist a window of opportunity for preventative measures. As well as showing what is currently happening in the body, the marks of life's experiences can also be reflected on feet long before anything occurs in the physical body. What they indicate, why they appeared and what you can do about these stress cues are the subject of this month's fascinating course.

Secondly, you can understand a person's personality, or what they think about themselves, by the shape and size of their toes and feet. For example, did you know that anyone who has a long second toe has a great capacity to feel and sense things, they are intuitive and check how they feel about things all the time? That's just one of the amazing things you will learn in this month's course.

Foot Reading is an powerful tool for any Reflexologist to have in their library of knowledge.

Praise for Reading the Feet

"Will definitely use this as a new addition to my menu of services for my new Reflexology practice. I love it!"
Cheryl Baxter

"I am thrilled with the new course – thinking about how the feet
reflect the health or disease – WOW!"
C. Horbachsky

"Another very informative learning experience."
V. Greenhall

"Lauren's confidence and enthusiasm is welcome to me,
still learning and uncertain of my skills and abilities."

"So good, so valuable. Thank-you."
Ladean Isaac

Natural Thyroid Balancing

Your thyroid gland tells every cell in your body the rate at which it should function. Having too little hormone, called hypothyroidism, puts you into a dragging slowdown. This is a problem for more than 10 million Americans-of whom 8 million don't know it. Having too much hormone, called hyperthyroidism, races your engine, so you feel all revved up-as if you were burning out. This problem affects some 4.5 million Americans, but at least 600,000 of them have yet to be diagnosed.

Common problems with an underactive thyroid are:

  • Feeling tired and listless
  • Feeling chilly, especially when other people are comfortable
  • Dry skin, hair loss
  • Constipation
  • Leg cramps
  • Depression
  • Loss of interest in sex, erectile dysfunction for men
  • Weight gain due to fluid retention

Problems with an overactive thyroid are:

  • Feeling too hot when others are comfortable
  • Feeling nervous and irritable
  • Sweating more than you used to
  • Fingernails growing faster
  • Muscle weakness, especially thighs and upper arms
  • Faster heart rate, sometimes irregular rhythms and an erratic pulse
  • More frequent and looser bowel movements
  • For men, loss of interest in sex, erectile dysfunction
  • Eyes that appear larger than normal

Just think back. How many of your friends, family members or clients have had these symptoms?

Reflexology has proven over the years to be an extremely effective form of treatment for thyroid disorders, and the basic thyroid points learned in most level 1 Reflexology courses are effective, however when combined with the advanced Reflexology techniques - and the new thyroid reflex points we teach in this course - some results have proved outstanding in their quickness and effectiveness. This enlightening tour of these reflexes will give you the most effective ways of working them.

Praise for Natural Thyroid Balancing

"Who knew there was so much to learn about
thyroid disorders - excellent!"
L. Tardiff

"Such a bountiful amount of information.
A life changing experience!"

"An eye-opening experience, that changes
my views on client’s symptoms."
L. McKinley

"It is amazing how quickly the body can respond to reflexology
treatments when you know exactly what reflexes to work."
Raelyn Mellick

"Awesome, life changing, beyond words and priceless."
Debrah L Taylor

Maternity Reflexology

Pregnancy is not an illness – however it can cause problems which can distress the pregnant women. These can include sickness, nausea, constipation, increased frequency of passing urine, backache and sciatica. Reflexology can be used to keep a woman healthy during pregnancy and the treatment can also help with the development of a healthy baby.

Providing and receiving reflexology to maternity clients can be a wonderful experience for both parties.

Being involved with maternity client’s offers a unique opportunity to be involved in the evolution of a family, whilst the love, care, nurturing and healing offered with reflexology provides immeasurable benefits to all.

It must be stressed that great care must be taken with the treatment of a woman who is pregnant, particularly if there is a history of miscarriage, or during a first pregnancy. The “golden rule of reflexology” definitely applies here – if in doubt DON’T! Refer to a specialist.

This course serves as a useful starter point for working in this field. It is full of tips, hints and great information on pre-conceptual care (fertility and infertility) healthy pregnancy, labour, birthing and after birth care. A great body of knowledge to add to the skills of any professional Reflexologist!

Praise for Maternity Reflexology

"Very fascinating and interesting. Seriously
considering this area as a career."

"Very thorough, especially interesting the infertility aspect.
Loved the menstrual cycle charting."

"Leaves me thirsty for knowledge."
Alice Moore

"Very exciting, opens up a whole new world, I don't have the right words to describe it. Enlightening and inspiring."

"This is great information for new moms,
moms to be and for grandmothers."
Lois Vanoni

"This course will strengthen family ties through Reflexology."

"Excellent and informative well beyond the
scope of general knowledge."
Sherri Halliday

Understanding The Body's Messages

What does it mean when your nose is running? What is happening when you have a temperature? Is a cough always a bad thing? Can diarrhea actually be a good thing in certain circumstances?

Modern thinking would put most of these health occurrences in the "bad" category. However is this where a Reflexologist or Wholistic Healthcare Practitioner should place them? Could these physical occurrences actually be messengers from the body, trying to focus attention on certain issues?

The symptom is a signal and a vehicle of information. The symptom has become a kind of teacher, helping us to understand that we have lost our wholeness. So to allow the teacher to teach, we need to have an understanding of the language of symptoms.

The purpose of this month's class is for you to achieve an understanding of the language of the body, its messages, it's manifested symptoms and to not resist illness but to embrace it to create wholeness, health and harmony in everybody.

Praise for Understanding the Body’s Messages

"Who knew what my body could tell me if I only remembered
how to listen! Amusing, alluring, AMAZING."

"To finally be able to find material that supports the connection between body, mind and spirit to enhance the healing process.
Course materials are easily understood and
definitely has been very enlightening."
Maggie Regnier

"Very informative which leads to a new perspective for healing. The full rounded knowledge that Lauren has to offer. She covers so many different views and combines them so well."

"An enlightening, eye opening information course."

"Learning the signals that the body gives us for my health and how they relate to our feelings. It was phenomenal – an abundance of tools."
Karla Dickson

"Fantastic information and good practical applications."

Meridian Reflexology

Similar to Acupuncture and Shiatsu, Meridian Reflexology unblocks congestion in the Meridians (energy channels) to promote blood circulation in areas where energy has become stagnated. When congestion builds up in the body this can eventually lead to disease.

After detailed consultation, the progression of disease along a meridian is often revealed - your current symptoms are often related to earlier illnesses. For example, a weakness in the spleen/pancreas meridian will manifest as thyroid problems, palpitations, cysts, IBS, food intolerances, digestive problems, prostate problems and hernia.

With the use of Meridian charts depicting areas of weakness the presenting ailments can then be greatly improved, leading to a better quality of life for your client.

Meridian Reflexology can help:

  • Headaches/migraines
  • Stress/tension
  • Muscle and joint pain
  • Depression
  • Tiredness and fatigue
  • Insomnia and sleep disturbances
  • Maintain the body in optimum shape
  • A speedy recovery after bone breakages
  • Recovery after cancer treatment
  • Strengthening the body when a serious disease has been detected

Meridian Reflexology can also provide:

  • Physical, mental and emotional healing
  • A strengthened immune system
  • Balance to the whole body increasing energy and vitality

Praise for Meridian Reflexology

"Understanding how Meridians, research and new techniques
all come together to create amazing healing!"
Sandra Conlon, Hinton, AB

"Really enjoyed learning about meridians and
how they affect health & PMS!"
C.M., Edmonton, AB

"I know I can be a lot more confident with my sessions now and my clients will have a more effective session."

"This has been a huge step forward that I have been
needing in my life. Thank you."
Stacy Ramsey

Clinical Reflexology In Your Practice

This month we delve into some of the many different aspects of running a successful Reflexology practice.

We will discuss how to have effective communications with your client, how to build a positive relationship and the power of positive thinking.

We will give you a three step strategy for success, sharing the importance of being aware which gives more choices in any given situation. The person who has the most choices of what to do, has the greatest flexibility of behavior, and therefore is the one in control of the situation.

To listen is to care. People who care, listen. People who listen care. Listening is actually an activity and a path to knowledge. It is an important skill that any Reflexologist will do well to master. Listening is the key that opens the door to human motivation.

Listening is not the same as hearing – hearing is a physiological process. Listening is a mental and emotional process. We will give some great tips and hints on how to be a great listener, and also have a fun way of testing how good a listener you really are.

Together we will discover what multi-level listening is and why you might want to incorporate this into your Reflexology business.

Have you heard of areas of assistance in the body? These areas may seem to have no particular relationship to the illness, however they have been found to be instrumental in helping to remedy the dysfunction. This month we include a chart so that you can easily reference these areas.

Another important factor to take into consideration in a Reflexology session is what drugs the client may be taking that possibly interact with the way their body responds to reflex stimulation. Knowing what drugs interact with what part of the body is an essential part of any successful Reflexology practitioners practice. This month we will give you information on ten drug interactions for the most popular pharmaceutical drugs prescribed today.

Client nutrition is another topic we touch on this month. As a holistic therapist, the Reflexologist is often asked about dietary needs, and it is useful have a good knowledge of nutrition to support the treatment.

So to sum up, this month is packed with essential information to help you achieve great success as a Reflexologist in clinical practice.

Praise for Clinical Reflexology In Your Practice

"Leaning how to listen has been such a gift
and I really appreciated the case studies."
C.H., Edmonton, AB

"I love coming here – the more I learn about
Reflexology, the more I learn about myself."
Pam Handy, Edmonton, AB

"The case studies, foot assessments, and the Conditions and Reflexology
Reference Guide are all wonderful resources!"
Amber Hartwig, Edmonton, AB

"A must for every reflexologist! It truly shows you
the bigger picture than just touching feet."
N.G., Edmonton, AB

"I feel privileged that I am receiving my education from
such brilliant and experienced instructors."
D.H., Edmonton, AB

"We covered a lot of different situations. It affected
my entire life not just about business but
skills that I can use in different areas of my life."
Barb Bryson, Edmonton, AB

Plus Surprise Bonus Trainings!

You can now see just how comprehensive your training will be!

"This teaches you all the skills you need ..."

This text will be replaced

Donna Dux from Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada

As Reflexology Evolves, You Need to Evolve With It!

I have personal knowledge of the evolution of our healing art. I am a Past President of the Reflexology Association of Canada. During that time, I was directly responsible for introducing hand and ear Reflexology into their curriculum. I also personally taught it to actual Reflexology teachers all the way from Halifax to Vancouver and was responsible for writing the hand and ear Reflexology manuals. Reflexology evolves and I am proud to think that I helped Reflexology evolve in Canada.

"But Reflexology Shouldn’t Change!"

Many people ask us why it seems the practice of Reflexology is evolving and progressing. Eunice Ingham, the "Mother of Reflexology", who lived from 1889 to 1974, did incredible pioneering work in bringing Reflexology back into popularity as a healing modality. She wanted the science and art of Reflexology to progress, not stagnate. She wanted her work to be a jumping off point to further the boundaries of healing.

Eunice Ingham wanted her work to be a "stepping stone" to greater heights. This continuing education program is called Progressive Reflexology in honour of Eunice Ingham, as it progresses the art and science of Reflexology to the 21st century.

A Certificate Each Month ...

If you want a certificate for each module, all you have to do is complete an on-line quiz and a practical element of working and documenting four sessions on one person.

Imagine framing each certificate and proudly mounting them on your wall for all your clients to see!

... And A Progressive Reflexology Diploma!

Completion of all 12 monthly programs will build into an incredible resource of a wide variety of advanced Reflexology techniques and when you have completed all the modules and assignments, you shall be awarded the prestigious Progressive Reflexology Diploma.

(This is a cumulative program. The course will build each month on the next. Should you cancel out of the program to re-enroll at a later stage, you will start again at month one.)

"The Reflexology Zone" will be an on-line campus, where you can learn in a home environment.

On-Line Learning Is The Future

More and more education is being done on-line. Our on-line courses succeeded beyond even our best estimates.

But How Can You Possibly Learn
Everything You Need On-Line?

Like you, at first we were concerned that an on-line course wouldn't be "hands-on" enough to get the training across, but according to several studies, on-line or distance courses are actually as good or better than their "on campus" equivalents. There are several reasons for this:

  • You can work at your own pace. With schedules these days so taxing, an on-line course is ideal. You can work around your own schedule. If you have a job and/or a family to take care of, you can arrange your class work around those demands.
  • The sessions are recorded on video. You can watch and rewatch the video clips as often as you want to remind/review information and you can rewind if something doesn’t quite make sense.
  • You don't have to travel! Studying on campus means traveling to the actual school. With an on-line course, you don't need to commute. This is an amazing opportunity for people who wouldn't otherwise be able to study.
  • With on-line courses, we can use advanced technologies to deliver the training. Multi-media content (videos, MP3, Teleseminars) has proven to be very powerful. We can absorb much more information that way. If you don't understand a point, it is very easy to go back and watch again. The exams are interactive, which they aren't in a campus setting.
  • Your courses (and instructor!) are available 24 hours a day! The only reason you could possibly miss a lesson is if you don't go on-line!
  • You actually get more individual attention. Because you have access to your instructor via email and other avenues, you have individual attention that you couldn't possibly get from a campus setting. This rich interaction fosters deeper learning!
  • With on-line courses, it's just you and the instructor! In traditional classrooms, there are typically 20 students per teacher in each class.
  • Even educators of major institutions are moving toward more and more on-line classes!
  • And you can learn in your pajamas!

Research conducted by the U.S. Department of Education found that students who took on-line courses actually OUTPERFORMED students who took the same course in a classroom with face-to-face instruction. What a revelation!

In addition, the study found that "learners in the online condition spent more time on task than students in the face-to-face condition." We knew we were on the right path. Our on-line students agree.

Having A Mentor is the Difference Between
Success and Failure!

There is a good chance that you don't have a mentor right now and are not even considering entering into such a relationship in the near future. Yet athletes have mentors, actors have mentors and business leaders have mentors. Why not professionals in the health field?

Here are just a few of the reasons why you might want to consider joining "The Reflexology Zone" and using the mentoring aspect of an online community:

    The structure provides automatic accountability
  • I have three mentors and I am fortunate for having each one of them. This always happens: A few days before my meeting with each of my mentors, I start attending to several of my pending matters. My mentors don't even have to ask me about things I promised to act on. I will take care of these things because I want to be ready with a "good" answer if they do ask me. The mentoring relationship in a way has built-in accountability.
  • They may ask you questions that you may never ask yourself

  • Sometimes you may put off answering some questions just because you can. You will do this even typically for questions where you know the answers are not pretty. By postponing asking the hard questions you are not solving any problem, you are just avoiding the short-term pain. Your mentor has no problem asking those hard questions and actually prompting you to start doing something about those questions.
  • Discover the "real" problem and get help to solve it

  • Sometimes we keep messing with symptoms rather than attacking the real problems. I have found time and again that I discuss a particular problem with my mentor and actually we end up solving the "real" problem. Solving the "real" problem will in turn solve the symptomatic problems that you first set out to solve.
  • Get a "responsible" alternate perspective

  • You may have other avenues where you can get alternate perspectives on a particular topic or issue. However, when a mentor provides an alternate perspective, there is a dose of responsibility that comes packaged with it. In other words, your mentor has a higher stake in the outcome than your peers and friends do.
  • Get into the "thinking" habit

  • Every hour I spend with my mentors, my thinking will go to an overdrive mode. Most often, you get carried away and practice "thinking on the go" – meaning you will think while you are engaged in doing something. Mentoring will put a stop to that and start you on a "thinking" path. I am sure none of us will argue on the importance of the need to think.
  • Get ready to welcome new possibilities

  • While everyone around you may be trying to "fix" things with you, your mentor will look at how you can capitalize on your strengths. Rarely can you claim to be aware of all your strengths. Even if you do, you may not be making the most of them. A mentor can work with you to ensure that you are spending most of your time in the areas of your strengths and also take care of other things (where you are not that good) by putting a suitable structure in place.
  • Learn to be in balance

  • Mahatma Gandhi said, "One man cannot do right in one department of life whilst he is occupied in doing wrong in any other department. Life is one indivisible whole." While you may know this, you may be neglecting several other parts of your life. With your mentor's help, you can be assured of living a more balanced life.
  • Get help to distinguish yourself in the marketplace

  • Unless you distinguish yourself, you will be part of the Reflexology crowd. Not doing anything about it will only erode your value in the marketplace. Distinguishing yourself is a journey and not a destination. What is special today will no longer be special tomorrow. Your mentor can act as a catalyst here to help you rise above the commodity crowd quickly. If you are smart and disciplined, with or without a mentor you may succeed. Why not increase your odds by engaging with a mentor?

I have skillfully guided hundreds of students over the years from the Universal College of Reflexology to become successful business men and women.

"Take any course they have to offer!"

This text will be replaced

Jo-Dean Fish Wynnyk from Devon, Alberta, Canada

You will get the same level of commitment as you start or continue your journey into the world of natural healing. I have walked the path that so many Reflexologists are walking – let my vast experience and knowledge lighten your load.

Let Me Be Your Secret Weapon

The weapon that makes you stand head and shoulders above your competition. Let me help and guide you to fulfill your potential to be the best you can be.

These individual courses have been offered for between $295 to $495 each, with the exception of the European Course, which by itself sells for $795!

To Take All 12 Courses Individually
Would Cost You Well Over $5,000!

And that doesn't include over $200 for training manuals. You would also have to pay for travel and lodging, which, over a year, could easily exceed an additional $5,000.

And you still wouldn't get the individual attention and mentorship you will get when you join "The Reflexology Zone".

My own private consulting is worth over $535 an hour, but you get individual access to me throughout the year for no additional charge!

If you join now, the cost isn't $10,000. It's not $5,000 or even $2,500!

If you join now the cost is ...

Only $167 per Month!

We may soon be forced to raise that price, but when you join us now, you lock that price in for the full 12 months!

With that $167, you will get:

  • 12 monthly courses filled with new and powerful information
  • Full training for each course (even more comprehensive than that taught in the classroom!)
  • The benefit of my 30+ years as a practitioner and instructor
  • Me as a personal mentor to assist you in getting structure, accountability and balance!
  • NOTE: If you saw this program advertised at a different price in one of the magazines we advertise in, tell us the name of the magazine and the page number of the ad, and we will honour that price for each of the 12 courses.

Some institutions offer advanced Reflexology studies, with the proviso that all the basic studies have been taken with them prior to moving on to higher levels. This closed shop attitude prevents students from being able to learn from several sources, and thereby achieve a well-rounded education in the field of Reflexology.

Every school, college or place of education has something to offer, and the philosophy that "my Reflexology is better than yours" does nothing to further the professionalism that Reflexology requires in order to keep up with other Wholistic therapies.

We urge you to continue your studies, and do your part in elevating this simple, effective and natural healing art to the level of professionalism to which it rightfully belongs.

Join my team

Remember TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More

Over my 30 plus year career as a Reflexologist and Wholistic Health Practitioner, I have experienced highs and lows. I would loved to have
had somewhere I could have shared and continued my education,
without having to travel the world.

You now have that somewhere!

The mantra of "The Reflexology Zone" is:

Coming together, sharing together,
working together, succeeding together

Let me be the Colleague, Mentor, Educator and Coach for you that I did not have, and be there to assist you in your journey.

To Your Professional Success,

Lauren Slade

Lauren Slade

P.S. There are only a limited number of spaces available – don’t miss this opportunity.

P.P.S. There will be a completely new in depth course each month that builds on the previous month. And it's all just for $167 per month! Join now while this incredible price still lasts.

P.P.P.S. If you saw this program advertised at a different price in one of the magazines we advertise in, tell us the name of the magazine and the page number of the ad, and we will honour that price for each of the 12 months.

P.P.P.P.S. Remember, the more knowledge you have, the better you can help your clients. And the better you help your clients, the more money you will earn!

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